Sunday, July 8, 2007

Funagram # 31

Risky Habitat Guru


anantha said...

Lateral Clue for Dummies: Brad Pitt Movie.

srividya said...

not sure... this kind of thing is vinoo's forte

girish (kasaravalli)
barua (jahnu)
kutty (prakash)?? or the documentary... or the old mal director

anantha said...

no crackpot for the day. decoded anagram: atri brighu kutsya. the connect: the first 3 rishis of the saptarishis.

srividya said...

and the connect being Se7en right? i was running ard looking for 7 stuff that fit...thot of saptarishi but didnt pursue it.. great one anantha

catcharun said...

dang it..the website i searched didnt list brighu and kutsya

and i gave up..
apparently there are different lists of the sevenn

anantha said...

when in doubt don't wikipedia or google on saptarishis. just think of something hindus have been chanting for years: sandhyavandanam. you can't get a better source than that arun!
according to sandhyavandhanam it's atri, brighu, kutsya, vashishta, gautama, kashyapa & angirasa! so cast away your doubts.